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Voice MCU – A simple solution for complex machine to human communication

The S1C31D50 is a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ MCU which integrates a specific hardware block called the HW Processor. The HW Processor can perform 2ch Voice/Audio Play, Voice Speed Conversion, and Self Memory Check without using any CPU resource. The S1C31D50 is suitable for home electronics, white goods, and battery-based products which require voice and audio playback.
With the HW Processor, low memory footprint and multi-language support are achievable because of its integrated high-compression algorithm for voice and audio. Furthermore, the EPSON Voice Creation PC tool makes development without studio recording easy. (EPSON Voice Creation PC tool supports English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean female voices.)

  • Cortex-M0+ with 192kB internal Flash for Sound EOV file and application running up to 16Mhz
  • Sound HW processor w/ 2-ch mixing & voice speed conversion
  • QSPI Flash interface to extend the audio up to 120 min.
  • Serial interfaces like SPI, UARTs, I2C & 12 Bit ADC
  • Wide VDD range of 1.8V up to 5.5V


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