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Compact Board-to-Board solutions in 1.27mm pitch

Expanded Board-to-Board(B-t-B) range with five series: Four connector series and one cable assembly in IDC technology. Whilst the series 9017 to 9020 permit flexible arrangement of the PCBs for example, the pre-assembled series 998-916 facilitates a secure connection that also withstands mechanical loads. As such, the SMT male and female headers of the series 9017 to 9020 offer a diverse range of possible PCB combinations: The vertical and horizontal connection of PCBs and additionally a mixture of a vertical and horizontal variant is also possible, which establishes a right-angled arrangement. Added lateral solder clips ensure secure fastening to the PCB.

With the cable assembly series 998-916, W+P is expanding the portfolio to include an alternative with IDC connection technology, available finished at both ends. Four different orientations of the mating side are possible. Furthermore, the length of the flexible flat cable can be selected application-related, whereby the wire cross section here is AWG 30.

Features connector series:

  • A total of 10 different numbers of contacts between 12 and 80 contacts is available
  • The contact material used is a copper alloy with the surface options from flash-gold plated up to a 0.75 µm gold coating
  • The insulators consist of thermoplastic in accordance with UL94 V-0
  • Safe functionality is guaranteed within a temperature range of -55° C to +125° C

Features Cable assembly series:

  • A copper alloy with 0.75 µm gold surface is offered as the contact material
  • The insulator offered is made of thermoplastic according to UL94 V-0
  • Suitable for a temperature range from -20° C to +105° C

9017 -SMT Female Connector 1,27mm Pitch, horizontal 9018 – SMT Female Connector 1,27mm Pitch, vertical 9019 – SMT Male Connector 1,27mm Pitch, horizontal 9020 – SMT Male Connector 1,27mm Pitch, vertical 998-916 IDC Cable Assembly

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