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3-Phase Fan Driver with Integrated Hall Sensor

MP6630H and MP6630 are 3-phase brushless DC Fan drivers with integrated power MOSFETs and single Hall-effect sensor. MP6630H is 2V to 16V and MP6630 is 2V to 5.5V operating Input Voltage range, both of them can support max. 1.4A output current. They have embedded Hall-effect sensor and sine-wave control, embedded Hall-effect sensor promote robust start-up performance, sine-wave control enable high efficiency and low audible noise. Moreover, both of them have robust protection function: UVLO, locked-rotor protection, OCP, thermal shutdown protection and auto-recovery. They are available in UTQFN-8 (2mmx3mm) package, designed to driver 3-phase BLDC motors like Notebook Fans, Gaming Fans, etc


  • Sine-wave & single Hall for high efficiency and robust start-up
  • Flexible programmable starting duty
  • Fewer external components
  • Low RDS(ON), UTQFN (2mmx3mm) package


  • Wide 2V to 5.5V and 2V – 16V Operating Input Range
  • Sine-Wave Control for High Efficiency and Low Speed Vibration
  • Embedded Single Hall Sensor to Ensure Robust Start-Up
  • Integrated Power MOSFETs
  • 0.5s / 5s Rotor Lock and Retry Protection
  • 1kHz to 100kHz PWM Input Range
  • Direction Input
  • Soft-Start
  • Fixed 25kHz Output Switching Frequency
  • Output for Speed Indication (FG)
  • Standby Mode to Save Power
  • Thermal Protection and Auto-Recovery
  • Available in a UTQNF-8 (2mmx3mm) Package



MP6630 – MP6630H Datasheet

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