Wireless & Networking

InGateway500 Compact Edge Computing Gateway

The InGateway500 is a small-sized, compact edge computing gateway that supports 4G LTE, 3G and Ethernet connection. Equipped with powerful edge computing capabilities, the IG500 is capable of data optimization, real-time response, agile connection and intelligent analysis on the IoT edge. It significantly reduces data flow between field sites and data center, avoids bottlenecks in cloud-end computing, thus optimizing network architecture, facilitating onsite business with lower costs, better security and intelligence.

InGateway500 features:

  • Compact size, easy for mass deployment
  • Cost-effective for connecting your devices to the cloud
  • Easily reads and pre-processes data locally before sending them to the cloud with Device Supervisor
  • Support for multiple industrial protocols
  • Remote management, easy for batch configuration

Product specifications

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