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Industrial Cellular Modem supporting both DATA and AT mode

With many European networks preparing to reduce 3G coverage, it makes sense to now deploy only modems which operate on 4G LTE. With rugged design, small form factor, high reliability and easy-to-use features, the InDTU324 offers you reliable wireless data communications between serial field devices and the central control systems using LTE CAT4 or M1/NB1 with fallback to 2/3G as required.

The upgraded InDTU324 is equipped with two options for you to choose:

  • DATA Terminal Server Mode which autonomously takes of connecting to your server and managing the link. Data from Serial or ModBus devices can be automatically sent to your servers.
  • AT Command Mode which emulates other industry standard modems and puts your serial devices in charge of when and how to initiate a connection.

Connections to RS.485 devices are no problem either for the InDTU324 as it can be ordered at no additional cost with RS.485 capability. Antennas are also provided in the box. The InDTU is also ideal for power constrained applications, for example solar powered sensors, with its industry leading standby current of only 18mA.

  • Available with LTE CAT 4, CAT M1, NB-IoT as well as EDGE, ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Highly reliable wireless communications with 4G/3G/GPRS link mutual backup and multiple-layer failover
  • FREE Device Manager, batch management in the cloud
  • Industrial design, compact size, easy for mass deployment
  • Small form factor
  • Wide operating temperature: -40°C~70°C
  • Wide voltage input: 5~35VDC
  • Metal housing, IP30 protection
  • Compact-sized, easy to fit and integrate
  • CE, FCC certified

InDTU324 product specs IndTU324/332
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