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Ground clearance and PCB dimensions are no longer a concern

Pillar antennas are patented SMD type chip antennas that don’t require ground clearance area and their performance is independent of the dimensions of the ground plane of circuit board.

Small wearable devices normally have challenging installation environment for the antenna designers to design a satisfactory antenna. Miniature antenna on small PCB size may often result in rather poor performance, like occasional lags when listening to music, or problems in connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, standard antennas made from FPC, or monopole chip antennas, show large shift of frequency when the device is worn on a human body. Such shift of the frequency, caused by the change of installation environment, may make antenna lose its signal receiving capability.


  • No ground clearance requirement
  • Vertical polarization
  • Stable and reliable in performance
  • RoHS 2.0 compliance
  • SMT processes compatible

Pillar chip antenna Productsheet CW337 Datasheet

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