Power & EMC

Quarter and eighth brick DC/DC Converters

Compared with the previous high power 40-60V input converters, QBE4 and EBE4 converters have an extended input voltage of 36-75V. Quarter brick QBE4 converters are rated at 12V/42A and 12V/60A and eighth brick EBE4 converters are rated at 12V/22A and 12V/30A.

These DC-DC converters deliver up to 720W power and up to 95.5% full load efficiency. All these high power modules have optimal thermal performance and fully regulated output voltages. The QBE and EBE series products are UL62368-1 2nd edition recognized. Protections against over voltage, over current, short circuit and over temperature are standard. Optional features include various lead lengths, baseplate, encapsulation, output trim, and droop current share.

  • Input: 36-75VDC
  • Power: Max. 720W
  • Output: up to 12V 60A
  • Efficiency: Up to 95.5%
  • Holdup: 9 – 14 mS (typ. 11mS)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: -40°C – +85°C, -40°C – +100°C
  • Trim: -10%,+10%
  • Isolation Voltage: 2250VDC
  • Compliance with standards: UL 62368-1 2nd edition

12V 22A Eighth Brick Converter
EBE4120-022 Datasheet

12V 30A Eighth Brick Converter
EBE4120-030 Datasheet

12V/60A Quarter Brick Converter
QBE4120-060 Datasheet
12V-42A Quarter Brick Converter
QBE4120-042 Datasheet

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