Power & EMC

5.5kW water-cooled power supply

Providing high-operating efficiency along with excellent reliability, compact size and easy maintainability, LiquaCore power supplies are the ideal solution for embedded DC systems in demanding industrial and military applications. A fully adjustable, wide-range DC output is configurable via digital interface with real-time feedback. Packaged in a 2U chassis, this 5.5kW from a 380-480VAC, three-phase power unit. LiquaCore modules can be connected in parallel to deliver increased power for ultimate scalability in industrial process applications.

  • Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Constant Power Modes
  • Programmable Output: 0-60V, 0-110A/ 5,500W
  • CANbus controls and alarms
  • High Efficency: >93%
  • Liquid-Cooled: Water, DI Water, WEG Compatible
  • Highly Reliable: 100% In-Process HASS Tested

LiquaCore Optimized Liquid Cooled Power Converters

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