LED & Solid State Lighting

Experience Human Centric Lighting with Salud

Quality of light takes on a new dimension with the release of Luminus’ Salud™ 3030 mid-power LEDs. Salud LEDs are engineered and specified to achieve specific Melanopic/Photopic Ratios in addition to providing light that is comfortable and renders true colors.

  • Engineered spectrum with enhanced cyan for melatonin suppression
  • The world’s first LED with typical Melanopic/Photopic ratios (melanopic ratios ) specified
  • Enhanced MR provides healthy daytime lighting with warmer CCTs
  • Full spectrum emission – no cyan gap
  • Excellent color rendering: Ra>90
  • Enriched 660nm emission for natural skin tones and excellent red rendering
  • No near UV radiation – safer and better than sunlight

Lighting Midpower Salud

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