LED & Solid State Lighting

Controls-ready digital dimming drivers

Inventronics provides a digital dimming communication protocol that allows users to read back information from compatible drivers over a UART bus. This feature allows critical information to be analyzed by a control system to monitor driver health and help extend driver life. To learn more about these drivers and their innovative design, you can read the app note.

Dali vs Digital Dimming:


Dali-2 & D4i

  • Standardized protocol for maximum compatibility
  • D4i standerdizes:
    – Data monitored
    – Where it’s stored
  • Allows for networked communication
  • Required for D4i compliance:
    – Diagnostic & Maintenance
    – Energy reporting
    – Extended luminaire data
    – DALI integrated bus supply
Digital Dimming

  • UART based protocol designed for maximum flexibility in custom control solutions.
  • CAS 051 compliant
  • Allows for 1:1 communication
  • Utilizes 0-10V dimming bus
  • Required for CSA 051 compliance:
    – Diagnostic & Maintenance
    – Energy reporting


Application Note
Digital dimming communication protocol

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