LED & Solid State Lighting

Compatible Network Interface Module for Synapse Networks

The CNV-SNAP-DD2 wireless control module opens an exciting integration path for LED luminaires. This compact, DC powered wireless controller is versatile  enough to be embedded in nearly any size LED luminaire. The mounting bracket and 1/2” NPT mount allows for ease of installation. The CNV-SNAP-DD2 features two sensors inputs that can control an individual light or a zone of lights and are configurable using Synapse SimplySNAP software. Pairing the CNV-SNAP-DD2 with a SimplySNAP Gateway makes it easy for users to comply with Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1, and other energy saving requirements for today and in the future. The CNV-SNAP-DD2 is DALI D4i compatible, allowing for the ability to read information from D4i certified LED drivers. Also included is a 0-10v dimming interface to allow for use with traditional Controls Ready drivers. This control module operates at 2.4GHz and is FCC certified. For added flexibility, an antenna bulkhead is utilized to facilitate the use of an external antenna, offering an effective range of approximately 1km*. The CNV-SNAPDD2 is an ideal solution for applications including high bay, stadium, horticulture, mast, and parking lot lighting.




  • Compatible with Synapse SimplySNAP
  • DALI-2 D4i Compatible
  • 0-10V Dimming
  • 2 DC Sensor Inputs, Occupancy/Motion, Photocell or Switch
  • Powered by Inventronics Driver Auxiliary Supply
  • Convenient Mounting Options: Inside or Outside Luminaire
  • Rated for IP65 and UL Dry, Damp and Wet Location
  • Suitable for Direct Sunlight Applications
  • Supports Driver Dim-to-Off
  • External Antenna, with Range up to 1km

CNV-SNAP-DD2 Datasheet

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