LED & Solid State Lighting

Bridgelux 8th Gen COBs are delivering up to 185lm/W across its V-Vero-Vero SE Series

This performance is benchmarked at the popular 3000K 80 CRI color point, with efficacies above 200 lm/W possible at other color points across the industry’s broadest range of COB products.

In addition to reclaiming the industry lead in COB efficacy, these products have many additional features:

  • Nominal light output optimized to align with traditional lamp standards
  • Industry best standard warranty of up to 10 years
  • Efficacy improvements of up to 10% compared to previous product generations
  • Up to 3x overdrive capability, delivering a 30% increase in maximum lumens per LES size
  • Increased lumens per dollar, further reducing the cost of solid-state lighting
  • Optical and mechanical consistency with previous generations, enabling a seamless upgrade path leveraging existing ecosystem components
  • Broad range of COB size and performance options from LES 8mm to LES 29mm
  • Improved alignment with industry standard drive currents, enabling the use of economical LED drivers to further reduce costs
  • Technologically equivalent with current Bridgelux seventh generation COB LM-80 data
  • Efficacy of up to 182 lm/W to support luminaire miniaturization trends and efficiency standards
  • 3x Overdrive capability with up to 30% increase in lumens per LES size for precision optical control
  • Source lumens aligned with traditional lighting requirements to deliver the right light for the right application
  • Typical drive currents aligned with industry standards
  • Optically and mechanically compatible with previous product generations to simplify upgradability

Gen 8 COBs

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