Embedded Computing

Standalone Ethernet DAQ with 4-ch AI, 24-bit, 128KS/s, 4-ch DI/O performance

Powered by the ARM Cortex-A9 processor, the MCM-204 is designed as a standalone DAQ device without the need for a host computer, and provides dual Ethernet ports to transmit data back to the backend server and enable daisy-chain connection of multiple devices. Commonly used vibration-related indices, such as voltage, FFT, and RMS, can be calculated by the MCM-204, bringing the benefits of edge computing to a large scale infrastructure. In addition, the MCM-204 offers flexible support for various data access options, providing worry-free remote management and firmware/algorithm update through the built-in web console. All these features make the MCM-204 ideally suited for remote real-time monitoring, analysis, and control.

  • Standalone Ethernet DAQ enabling edge computing
  • RESTful API reports machine condition to IT system
  • Supports C/C++ API for streaming data
  • Built-in web console for easy configuration and use as portable DAQ
  • Supports custom algorithms to filter data at the edge

MCM-204 Smart Manufacturing Brochure

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