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Smart Industrial Power Backup Solution

Protect Your Factory Assets with Super-Capacitor Power Backup Solution
Safe, secure, uninterrupted power is crucial to today’s factory productivity, sudden power failure can damage equipment, corrupt data, disrupt production, an UPS usually have batteries inside, ARBOR’s power backup solution doesn’t, we use supercapacitors instead, guard against power glitches and short-term power loss or to allow for a graceful shutdown.

Smart Industrial Power Backup Solutions ships with backup power monitoring and management Software, providing user the ability to monitor SuperCapacitor Power Status, power output voltage status, as well as timer to shutdown and more.

Smart Power BackupBoards can be integrated into computing systems or other devices to protect the system from power interruptions.

With mounting bracket, Smart Power Backup System can be attached to panel systems to protect HMIs from power interruptions.


  • Can be fully discharged
  • No overheating concern
  • No risk of fire exploding


More Efficient: 


  • Higher energy density in smaller size
  • Longer lifetime
  • No aging problem


Green and Eco-Friendly:


  • No heavy metals for environment
  • Longer cycle life reducing disposal rate



SCP-41 & SCP-43 Datasheet SiP-41B & SiP-42B Datasheet SiPB-1690A & SiPB-1690B

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