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SecurStor-enabled SD & microSD cards

Data security is of utmost importance in portable removable storage devices. Since they are easy to transport and insert into different hosts, they could easily be misplaced or lost and fall into the hands of malicious parties that attempt to access the card, compromise sensitive data or illegally clone SD cards. ATP SecurStor enabled


Memory cards are available with the following features*:

SecurEncrypt: AES-256 encryption for data stored on the card
SecurWipe: Fast, safe and permanent removal of all data on the card
SecurCopy: protection against unauthorized copying
*Actual availability of specific features may vary by product and capacity. Please contact ATP for details


In addition, a wide range of customer and application specific features are available on request to protect against unauthorized access to a card, system or network, to define read/write access restrictions (including WORM) or to validate content that is to be stored on the card.

  • SecurEncrypt: AES-256 encryption for the User Data area
  • SecurWipe: Fast, safe and permanent removal of data
  • SecurCopy: Pairs the storage device with a specific type of customer device to prevent illegal copying
  • SecurWrite: Puts the device into “Write-Once” mode


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