Embedded Computing

PXIe Gen3 Performance Options for All Types of Test and Measurement Applications

Announcing Industry’s First PXIe Gen3 Controller with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor and High-Density Performance PXIe Gen3 Chassis for Aerospace, Semiconductors and Communications


The industry’s first PXIe Gen3 Controllers with 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors:
ADLNK’s PXIe-3987, PXIe-3977, and PXIe-3937 offer the full spectrum of performance options with a choice of 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7820EQ 3.7 GHz, Intel® Core™ i5-7440EQ 3.6 GHz, and Intel® Core™ i3 i3-7100E 2.9 GHz processors to meet the specific demands of a wide variety of high-end, middle and entry test and measurement applications.


Industry leading reliable and high-density PXIe Gen3 Chassis:
With PCIe Gen3 technology, the ADLINK PXES-2785 houses multiple function modules and connects them with an 18-slot PXIe Gen3 backplane offering high-performance system bandwidth up to 24 GB/s, slot bandwidth up to 8GB/s, and abundant power to accommodate a diverse combination of advanced functional peripheral modules.

  • PXIe-3987
  • PXIe-3977
  • PXIe-3937
  • PXES-2785

PXIe-3987.3977.3937 PXES-2785

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