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Silicon Labs Simplifies IoT Development with Simplicity Studio 5

Silicon Labs delivered a major upgrade to its Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) with the launch of Simplicity Studio 5. The latest version of Simplicity Studio now offers the same access and developer experience across a wide range of wireless protocols, all within a central web-style user interface. Simplicity Studio 5 features multiprotocol support, faster performance, new Interface, and supports secure Vault. Silicon Labs engineered the latest release of this all-in-one software suite to simplify the development of wireless System-on-Chips (SoCs) and modules, microcontrollers, and other embedded products for IoT devices. Simplicity Studio 5 also provides IoT device developers with the same access, security configuration, and code portability across IoT SoCs and modules, significantly reducing device development time.

Simplicity Studio 5 Highlights

  • Scalable: one tool and one environment featuring multiple protocols; support for additional protocols will be continuously added. This includes support for OpenThread, making it simpler to develop IPv6 based mesh applications and paving the way for future development of Project Connected Home over IP-based devices running on Silicon Labs’ EFR32 Wireless Gecko.

  • Responsive User Interface (UI): completely new web-like user interface.
    Modern Platform: based on latest versions of the C/C++ development tooling and the open source Eclipse platform, enabling use of Eclipse Marketplace plug-ins.
  • Core Improvements: improved performance and industry-standard code editors, compilers, and debuggers.
  • Network Analyzer: simplifies development of mesh network solutions by collating results across the network.
  • Project Configuration: new project tools enabled through software component-based SDKs add enhanced levels of software component discoverability, configurability, and dependency management that surpasses competitor tools.
  • Power Profiler: analyzes full power consumption in a device to optimize design and extend battery life.
  • Advanced Security: enables state-of-the-art Secure Vault features to help future-proof IoT devices against escalating threats and regulatory requirements.
  • Automatic Board Detection: automatically locates device-specific technical documentation and software examples once board is connected.
  • Value-add Tools: code-correlated energy profiling, wireless network analysis, and improved debugging to speed time to market of advanced applications.

Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio 5

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