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SD card sockets

The Secure Digital Memory Card becomes a standard application for different industries since it’s first launched in the market with a variety of sizes to fit in different usage. Today, SD / Micro SD card become the standard portable storage solution. ATTEND’s SD / Micro SD card socket featured a durable design in multiple types, such as push-pull, hinge, push-push, and combo (Micro SD+SIM) type.

  • SD Card Socket, Push-Pull Type, G/F, w/switch
  • SD Card Socket, Reverse Push-Push Type w/switch, 5u”
  • SD Card Socket, Push-Push Type, Top Mount, SMT, 10u”
  • SD Card Socket, Push-Push Type w/switch, Stand off: 1.8mm, 10u”
  • SD Card Socket, Push-Push Type, with Card Lock, Top Mount, SMT, 10u”

Spec sheet overview SD card sockets

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