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One27 SMT connector now offered with lagging contacts

The One27 with a 1.27-mm pitch is now also available with lagging contacts. The angled 12- to 80-pin male connectors makes it possible to simply change modules in industrial applications during live operation. The electronics are reliably protected during this process, as a defined sequence of signal, ground, and electrical contacts is adhered to during insertion and disconnection. This ensures that the ground connection is established in the first step in order to conduct ground potential differences and electrostatic charges before the data line is connected. This makes changes during live operation quick and simple – modules that contain the One27 can be disassembled and replaced without having to switch off the device.


  • 12–80 pins
  • Current rating: 1.4 A
  • 500 mating cycles
  • Highest contact reliabilityt
  • Compatibility with other suppliers has been tested
  • Female IDC available individually or assembled with cable
  • Packed in tape-and-reel

One27 SMT for board to board

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