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Hinge Type Nano SIM Card connector

Compared with the ordinary hinge type socket design which card is placed on the base chamber and press down the cover to lock it in the market, ATTEND’s design changes the card placement from base chamber to the cover.

The design concept is considered the size of a Nano sim card is too small to place it on the right spot. It is easier for the operator to slide it into the cover and secure it tightly. This design makes it can pass Random vibration and 50G Mechanical Shock test under the EN/IEC 60721 part 3-5, class 5M3 Dedicated standard for Vehicle Market. Moreover, wider operating temperature from -40℃ to +105℃ is suitable for embedded systems or automotive devices.

Industrial M2M Sim Cards are optimized to:

  • Rigorous environment
  • Giving more versatility and longevity than normal for devices and users
  • Temperatures -40°C~105°C instead of 25°C~85°C standard SIMs
  • Endure a long life span
  • Survive extremes of vibration, temperature, and humidity common to M2M applications
  • Occupy a small footprint (miniaturization)
  • Withstand and integrate into industrial manufacturing processes

Hinge typs nano SIM 115V_Spec

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