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PulseR becomes iNRCORE and Expands Its Magnetics Products for Industrial Markets


Long a specialist in military-grade magnetic components, the newest additions to its growing lineup are product families of industrial-grade ethernet transformers, planar transformers, shielded drum core inductors, common mode chokes, current sense transformers and others that the company will roll out over the duration of 2020. With ISO-9001 qualified production, lead-free options, and competitive pricing, they are designed for high-performance projects that don’t require military-grade design but can’t afford to sacrifice on quality and dependability.
Applications include medical, rail, EV charging, downhole, power grid and solar.

  • To serve Defense, Aerospace, Space and High-Rel industry customers with the highest level of service focusing on a relationship with mutual benefits.
  • To design and manufacture magnetic solutions exceeding customers’ satisfaction in terms of quality, reliability and delivery.
  • To be competitive while remaining a world class source for specialty solutions.

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