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Gowin launches the latest version of GOAI machine learning platform

  • Machine Learning Inference at the edge without cloud connectivity
  • Small and low cost with as small as 6x6mm QFN packaging
  • Low power inference at <20mW in active inference operation
  • Higher performance operating 80x faster than an equivalent 32-bit MCU
  • Easy to use with Tensorflow integration, pre-generated firmware and multi OS development support
  • Lowest cost solution based on GW1NSR-4C 4K LUT device
  • lowest power and 80X performance increase vs.microcontroller solutions
  • Low cost development platforms fo 4K, 18K and 55K devices
  • One click process to migrate training models into bitstream using TensorFlow light
  • Reference design supporting object recognition, voice/phrase recognition and gesture recognition

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GW1NSR series



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