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Automotive, Wide 60V, 2A Fully Integrated Synchronous Buck Converter

The MPQ4572 is a fully integrated, fixed-frequency, synchronous step-down converter. It can achieve up to 2A of continuous output current with peak current control for excellent transient response. The wide 4.5V to 60V input voltage range synchronous switching regulator accommodates a variety of automotive step down applications. The device’s low 40μA quiescent current makes it ideal as an off-battery regulator.

High Power Density

  • Wide 4.5V to 60V Operating Input Range
  • Fully Synchronous 2A Current Buck Converter
  • Configurable Frequency 400KHz up to 2.2MHz
  • 180° Out-of-Phase SYNC Out Clock
  • 40μA Quiescent Current
  • Ultra Low Shutdown Current: 2μA
  • FB-Tolerance: 1% at Room Temp
  • QFN-12 (2.5mmx3mm) Wettable Flank


Strong Addition to Automotive Designs

  • High-duty cycle and low-dropout mode enable operation through automotive cold crank conditions
  • Less system BOM cost by fully integrated high power MOSFETs
  • Good system noise performance by low EMI
  • Good thermal performance with Low Rdson MOSFETs
  • Low quiescent current makes ideal in battery-powered applications

MPQ4572-AEC1 Datasheet

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