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Accelerate your Designs with 48-Hour Worldwide Availability of MEMS Oscillators

SiTime announced 48-hour availability of its MEMS oscillators, enabling customers to accelerate their design time, reduce development efforts, and speed time to revenue.

Previously, customers had to wait up to 20 weeks and sometimes pay non-recurring engineering (NRE) fees to get oscillators that were configured to their exact requirements. SiTime’s programmable MEMS oscillator architecture, and a global support network of distributors and channel partners, are transforming the availability and breadth of options in the oscillator market. With 48-hour availability for samples and low-volume production quantities, industrial and IoT customers can dramatically accelerate their time to revenue.


  • SiTime’s MEMS oscillators are always available, in-stock from SiTime or preferred partners and ready to ship in 48 hours
  • Millions of configurations, in many different oscillator categories, all configured for the customers’ specific requirements
  • Programmable oscillator architecture enables market transformation

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