Display & Touch

TFT and Touch solutions for outdoor applications

High Brightness Displays with Pcap Option


Thanks to te 1000 CD brightness Rocktouch displays are the ideal solution for all the outdoor applications like Kiosk and Ticketing Machine with product line from 5″W to 10″W with 1000 CD Brightness, wide temperature range support and industrial grade design. These new products are ready to be used in all industrial markets from Marine to Industrial HMI

TFT Main Features:

  • IPS Full View Angle TFT
  • 1000 CD Brightness sunlight readable for outdoor application
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30 °C to +80°C)

PCap Touch Options:

  • USB or I2C Pcap Interface
  • Working with Gloves
  • Working in Full Water environment
  • Working behind an additional glass or polycarbonate.
  • Optical Bonding available under request (Spectrum Bonding)

FLC-050DMTM000SA1 FLC-070DMTK000SA1 FLC-070DMTK100SA1 FLC-101HML0000SA2

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