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IP69K Solution Maintains Industrial Environment Hygiene

Aplex introduced IP69K waterproof/dustproof solution. Environmental hygiene is especially important for manufacturers such as food/beverage or biotech industries because they are often highly regulated and have different hygienic requirements. APLEX’s stainless steel panel PC, ViTAM series, and food safety grade HMI, FABS series, are widely used for industries such as chemical manufacture and pharmaceutical, which are suitable for environment hygiene maintenance.

IP69K solution will benefit your factory by allowing deeper level of cleaning as it is crucial to the industries mentioned above. IP69K is the highest level of protection from IP rating (international protection rating/ ingress protection rating), which is published by IEC.


ViTAM series key features:

  • Celeron N2930, 4th/6th/7th Gen. Core i, Freescale iMX6 and display
  • 10.1”/12.1”/15”/15.6”/17”/19”/21.5”/ 23.8”TFT-LCD
  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Enclosure (SUS316 for Option)
  • Touch on/off buttons on the side edge for hygienic cleaning
  • RFID built-in for option

FABS series key features:

  • Celeron N2930, 6th/7th Gen. Core i, and display
  • 7”/10.1”/12.1”/15”/15.6”/17”/19”/21.5” TFT-LCD
  • Food safety certification EN 1672-2
  • TB-528 series expansion support
  • Stainless steel front bezel with optimized frame design

Ensure Hygiene Safety to Prevent Contamination by ViTAM Stainless Steel Panel PC

Food Safety Grade Stainless Steel HMI

ViTAM Series- IP66/IP69K Fabs Series IP69K

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