Working towards becoming a streamlined organization at the service of our clients has always been our primary objective, and will always continue to be. Among other things because Alcom decided to impose stricter control on the quality cycle. The main motives having led to the introduction of a quality system in Alcom are:

– Aiming for 100% satisfaction for all our clients, big and small;

Optimization of the environment and conditions in which Alcom’s products are supplied;

– Obtaining simultaneous control of deadlines, quality and costs in an efficient and productive manner;

Best possible internal communication.

Alcom is ISO 9001: 2015-certified.

This internationally accepted standard is regarded as a basis and a necessity. Our own quality requirements are also determined by customer specifications, the objective being to harmonize Alcom organization with those specifications. The model has produced a common vision at all levels within the company. All activities are now subject to certification, including purchasing, stock-keeping, order input, acceptance, picking, shipment and customer service. The respect of organization and responsibilities leads to a more purposeful pursuit of annual set objectives and results.

ISO certification offers you the certainty that Alcom’s quality system is satisfactory as regards accuracy and clarity, and that it is in complete accordance with the strict provisions of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. These provisions guarantee Alcom’s long-term commitment to constant improvement and result in a creative policy, drawing from suggestions from our quality-conscious personnel and partners to set a bold course towards the future.


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