Very Flexible



This new display series

was specially developed for low-power hand-held applications and for small and large quantities. For the first time it is possible to operate a standard display at 3.3V! 5V operation is for the character displays also possible.
The optionally available LED backlighting can also be run with 3.3V or 5V depending on the connections.

Prospect as pdf 


The world wide most flexible Display Series

Superflat, Text, Graphic, SPI, various colors



  • extreme compact
  • 1×8 – 2×16 – 3×16 for +5V or +3.3V
  • 4×10/2×10 – 4×20 for +3.3V
  • Graphic 102×32 .. 240×128 for +3.3V
  • flat at 2.0(2.8) mm without backlighting and 5.8(6.4) mm with backlighting
  • can be soldered directly into the PCB without any further assembly
  • character displays: SPI interface, some also with I²C or 4-bit, 8-bit
  • graphic display: SPI interface (160×104, 240×64 and 240×128 also I²C)
  • 3.3V or 5V – also for the LED backlighting
  • many different designs which can be implemented as of 1 unit
  • Top. -20..+70°C integrated temperature compensation
  • no minimum quantities, short delivery times

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