Socket Modules

SocketModem® Cell


Complete, ready-to-integrate 2G, 3G and 4G-LTE, embedded cellular modems (MTSMC Series) using MultiTech’s Universal Socket design.

  • Interchangeable communications devices
  • Carrier-approved as an end device
  • Quick-to-market

SocketModem® iCell


SocketModem® iCell (MTSMC-x-IP Series) intelligent cellular modems is a ready to integrate communications device with GPS, Universal IP® stack and Universal Socket Connectivity.

  • Extends the life of legacy equipment to save time and money
  • Carrier-approved as an end device
  • Ensures Internet connectivity and easy migration to future networks



SocketModem® (MTxxxx-SMI Series) embedded analog modem integrates data/fax at high speed over a standard telephone line. Small size allows OEMs to integrate in any product platform.

  • High-speed data over standard phone line
  • Easy integration and migration to future networks

SocketModem® IP


SocketModem® IP (MTxxxxSMI-IP Series) intelligent modem creates Internet-ready devices. Universal IP enables web connectivity without PC or gateway server connections.

  • Easy integration and migration to future networks
  • Enhanced M2M functionality, including automatic/persistent connectivity
  • Send and receive data over the Internet without a PC or gateway server connection

SocketEthernet IP®


SocketEthernet IP® (MT100SEM Series) connects serial devices to IP networks to remotely monitor, control and configure your equipment. Universal Socket enables migration to future networks.

  • Securely monitor equipment over an IP network
  • Adds enhanced M2M functions including persistent connectivity
  • Easy integration and migration to future networks

SocketWireless® Bluetooth®


SocketWireless® Bluetooth® (MTS2BTSMI Series) provides wireless connections for machine to machine (M2M) communications for vehicle tracking, home healthcare, outdoor signs and more.

  • Eliminate costs related to running serial cabling
  • Easy integration and migration to future networks



The SocketSLIC® (MTIFM Series) telephony module is a ready-to-integrate isolated and programmable analog-to-PCM interface that converts an analog interface to a digital signal.

  • Can be programmed to support unique interfaces per specific customer instillation requirements
  • Relieves the burden and expense of designing an analog interface
  • Allows designer to focus on digital design

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