Smoke and CO Detector ICs

Smoke Detector ICs


Microchip offers a family of low power ionization and photoelectric smoke detector ICs for smoke detector and security applications.


Microchip’s ionization and photoelectric smoke detector IC families provide all the components necessary for ionization or photoelectric type smoke detectors.


  • Ionization Smoke Detector ICs
  • Ionization Smoke Detector Front Ends
  • Photoelectric Smoke Detector ICs


Ionization Smoke Detector ICs
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Ionization Smoke Detector Front Ends
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Photoelectric Smoke Detector ICs
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  • Low battery detection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Temporal continuous tone pattern horn driving
  • Low current, low power operation
  • SOIC or PDIP package
  • Interconnect pin



For Selected Detectors:


  • Interconnect for sounding multiple connected units
  • Sensitivity timer
  • Internal power on reset
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Diagnostic mode for production calibration


CO Detector ICs


Microchip offers low power CO detector companion ICs for CO detectors and security applications.


Microchip’s CO detector ICs provide all the necessary functions to build a CO or toxic gas detector.


  • CO Detector ICs RE46C800


The RE46C800 is a low power CMOS carbon monoxide detector companion IC. The RE46C800 provides all of the analog, interface, and power management functions for a microcontroller based CO or toxic gas detector. It is intended for use in both 3V and 9V battery or battery-backed applications. It features a high performance operational amplifier, a 3.3V regulator for microcontroller voltage regulation, a boost converter, horn driver circuit suitable for driving a piezoelectric horn, an LED driver, and an I/O circuit for communication with interconnected units.

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