Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers

Ultra-compact and versatile off-the-shelf single board computer (SBC) platform.

ConnectCore® 6 Single Board Computer

Connected i.MX6 Single Board Computer.

  • Compact and cost-effective off-the-shelf i.MX6 SBC solution
  • Wired Ethernet and 802.11a/b/g/n plus Bluetooth 4.0 options
  • Ready for cellular and XBee RF module integration

Rabbit® SBC BL4S100 Series

Single-Board Computer.

  • Rabbit 4000 running at 40 MHz
  • On-board Rabbit RIO® device for exceptional I/O functionality and flexibility
  • Web Server functionality

Rabbit® SBC BL4S200 Series

Single-Board Computer.

  • Uses Rabbit® 4000 and Rabbit 5000 microprocessors
  • Choice of Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity
  • 40 digital I/O and up to 5 serial ports

Rabbit® SBC LP3500 Series

Single-Board Computer.

  • Low power consumption less than 100 uA in power save mode
  • 8 A/D inputs with 12 bit resolution
  • Digital outputs can sink up to 200 mA

Rabbit® OP7200 eDisplay

Ethernet-Intelligent Operator Interface.

  • Rabbit® 2000 microprocessor at 22 MHz
  • ¼ VGA display (320 x 240 pixels)
  • 10Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45

Rabbit® SBC BL2100 Series

Single-Board Computer.

  • 40 sinking/sourcing digital I/O
  • Up to 512K Flash for program and up to 512K SRAM for data
  • 16 digital outputs which can sink/source 200 mA

Rabbit® SBC BL2600 Series

Ethernet-Enabled Single-Board Computer.

  • Rabbit® 3000 microprocessor at 44 MHz
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45
  • 512K Flash/512K SRAM

RabbitNet™ Series

Expandable Control Boards.

  • 8 channels of 12-bit analog output
  • 24 protected and filtered digital inputs
  • 16 high-speed protected sinking/sourcing digital outputs

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