Silicon Photodiodes

Silicon Photodiodes


General Purpose

Most widely used Silicon photodiodes are sensitive from 400 to 1100nm. They are available in a variety of active area sizes, from 0.5mm dia. to 28mm dia. Offered in a variety of packaging types, hermetic TO can, BNC, and plastic housing.



High Speed Silicon Photodiodes


These detectors are small active area detectors optimized at 800nm band and features fast rise time for high bandwidth applications (up to 450 MHz). Available in flat window or micro-lens window TO18 can.



UV Enhanced Photodiodes


Generally sensitive between 200 to 1100nm these detectors are typically packaged with quartz or UV transmissive glass window. They exhibit low dark current and can be reverse biased for lower capacitance and faster rise time performance.

X-Ray and Radiation Detectors


A unique class of Silicon Photodiode designed for additional sensitivity in the X-Ray region without use of scintillator crystals or screen. Sensitivity ranges from 200nm to 0.07nm (6eV to 17.6keV) or 17.6 keV and above. Generally is available with removable window and are vacuum compatible.

Photodiode Arrays


Linear or 2 Dimensional array with active areas offered in different sizes and pitch to suit variety of applications. Offered in LCC, DIP chip carriers, PCB, ceramic, or monolithic solderable bare chip.


Two Color Sandwich Detectors


Detector of choice for remote temperature measurement that works on the principle that ratio of radiation intensities from two adjacent wavelength can be compared to standard black body radiation curve to deduce temperature of the object.

Nd-YAG Optimized Photodiodes


Optimized for high sensitivity at 1060nm, low capacitance, low noise, and high speed operation. Need to be operated at high reverse bias voltage (200 Volt). View Products & Descriptions

Avalanche Photodiodes


Avalanche detectors utilize internal multiplication through impact ionization to achieve very high sensitivity (>40A/W peak at Gain=100). This 800nm band APD is optimized for low noise and high bandwidth applications up to 900 MHz.

Photodiode Amplifier Hybrids


These detectors are integrated with pre-amplifier inside the same package. It produces voltage output proportional to incident light intensity. A variety of gains and bandwidths are determined by external feedback components of customers’ choosing.

Photodiode Filter Assembly


Optical filter offers a low cost and effective solution to tailor spectral response of a Silicon photodiode. Photometric and Radiometric detectors are more often designed through the use of integrated optical filter.


Solderable Chip Photodiodes


A low cost approach to applications requiring large active area photodetectors or where the detector is considered ‘disposable’. Available with soldered leads or as a stand-alone bare die. Sensitivity range from 400nm to 1100nm.

Position Sensing Detectors


Segmented and Lateral Effect PSD available in 1-Dimensional or 2-Dimensional Active Area.   Available in a variety of active area sizes and packaging to suit wide-ranging applications. Segmented Detector is typically used in beam nulling application while Lateral Effect PSDs are most suited to measure wide lateral displacement.

Plastic Encapsulated Detectors


OSI Optoelectronics offers a line of high quality and reliable plastic encapsulated photodiodes. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes of photodetectors and packages, including industry standard T1 and T13/4, BPW34, flat and lensed side lookers, as well as surface mount family.

Dual Emitter series


Dual Emitter Series consists of a Red (660nm) LED and a companion Near-Infrared LED such as 880, 895, 905, or 940nm LED. A matching photodetectors’ response is optimized for maximum sensitivity at 660nm as well as companion NIR wavelengths. They are widely used as Pulse Oximetry components.

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