Silicon DAAs

Silicon DAAs

Silicon Labs is the market leader for Silicon DAAs. Our designs are proven, robust solutions that ensure global compliance with a single board design. Globally-programmable silicon direct access arrangements provide the electrical isolation between the wireline device and the telephone line needed to ensure safety and prevent harm to telephone networks from electrical surges.

Embedded DAAs

The Si3056 and Si306x ICs are integrated silicon Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) products. The Si3056 IC offers a DSP-compatible Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) enabling global compliance through a programmable telephone line interface. The Si306x family includes line-side devices for use with third-party processors that contain an integrated Silicon Labs DAA interface.

Offered as a chipset with either the Si3018 global line-side device or the Si3019 enhanced global line-side device, the Si3056 IC is fully programmable for ac and dc termination, ringer impedance and ringer threshold. The Si3056 chipset also supports billing tone detection, on- and off-hook polarity reversal detection and pulse dialing, enabling it to meet the most stringent global PTT requirements. Other enhanced features offered in the chipset include on and off-hook parallel phone detection, overcurrent protection, ring validation, higher transmit/receive levels (up to +3.2 dBm), finer resolution gain control (gain or attenuation adjustments in steps as small as 0.1 dB) and a programmable hybrid.

Part Number Data Sheet Package Type Host Interface Region Line Voltage Monitor BOM Components AC Termination Settings
SOIC16; SOIC16 + SOIC8 SSI Global Yes 32 4; 16
SOIC8; SOIC16 Integrated in host Global Yes 32 1; 2; 4

Voice DAAs – Si3050 + Si3011/18/19

The Si3050 IC extends the market-leading performance of Silicon Labs’ Silicon Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) products into the voice telephony market.

The small-footprint chipset consists of a 20-pin Si3050 (TSSOP) system-side device and either the 16-pin Si3019 (TSSOP) or the 16-pin Si3018 (SOIC) line-side device. The solution utilizes Silicon Labs’ patented capacitive isolation technology that uses low-cost, high voltage capacitors instead of a costly and bulky transformer. The Si3050 contains both a PCM highway/SPI interface for most standard telephony applications as well as a GCI interface for customers with legacy requirements.

Part Number Data Sheet Package Type Host Interface Line Voltage Monitor BOM Components AC Termination Settings
SOIC16; TSSOP20 + SOIC8 GCI; PCM/SPI Yes 32 4; 16

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