Power & EMC

Wider input, higher power DC/DC bricks for Rail Applications

The new models include the 320W RQ1BxxxHE half-brick with an input voltage range of 66- to 160-Vdc; the 300W RQ90138HE half brick with an input voltage range of 34- to 160-Vdc and an output of 13.8V; and the 50W RQ36xxxQM quarter brick with an input voltage range of 18- to 75-Vdc.
The modules are encased to operate in the harshest transport and industrial environmental conditions. The ultra-wide input range of the RQ90 and RQ1B allows designers and integrators to power a large variety of products with a single part type.

  • High Power density:
    up to 324W for RQ1BXXXHE (half-brick)
    up to 300W for RQ90138HE (half-brick)
    up to 50W for RQ36XXXQM (quarter-brick)
  • Wide input range:
    66- to 160-Vdc for RQ1BXXXHE
    40- to 160-Vdc for RQ90138HE
    18- to 75-Vdc for RQ36XXXQM
  • High efficiency: 92%
  • Reinforced Isolation (2,000 Vrms) for the RQ1B and RQ90 modules
  • Maximum Base plate temperature 100°C
  • Specification Compliance
    EN 50155
    EN 50121-2
    EN 60950-1
    EN 61373:1999 Cat 1, Cat B
    EN 60068-2-1/2/30:2007

RailQor Trifold RQ1BXXHE RQ90138HE RQ36XXXQM

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