Embedded Computing

Virtualized embedded computing platform

Congatec and RTS introduced a virtualized embedded computing platform for easy PLC and UI hardware consolidation. The demo platform with a hexapod robot playing a piano is based on a standard embedded hardware platform from congatec; industry leading hypervisor technology from Real-Time Systems (RTS); IEC 61131-3 compliant CODESYS SoftPLC running on real-time VxWorks OS; and a virtualized GUI based on Microsoft Windows 10. Using standard building blocks, the platform’s logic includes everything needed for the control of motion systems in a modular and cross-platform capable format

conga-TS175 features:

  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor
  • Intel® Xeon® processors for data center applications
  • Intel® Optane™ memory can be connected via PCI Express Gen 3.0
  • ECC memory support
  • Up to 32 GByte dual channel DDR4 memory

Demo platform conga-TS175 Datasheet

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