LED & Solid State Lighting

The 70 Watt Metal Halide Spotlight Finally meets its match

Moving to the general lighting sector, there are some specific product niches where SSL has struggled to match the light quality of legacy source. One such niche is in the CMH spotlights that are used in demanding applications such as retail, where stores want merchandise colors to pop and grab the attention of shoppers. Such demanding applications are the specific target for Luminus’ new Gen 4 COBs.
We’ve seen LED replacements for lower wattage CMH lamps, but we’re finally able to displace the 70W lamp, which has been the go-to choice of many retail lighting designers when they need a narrow beam spot to make the merchandise sparkle.. “Only Luminus Gen 4 COBs enable small-form-factor fixtures with the punch of 70W CMH in combination with our unique spectral tuning technologies AccuWhite and Sensus.” Its new Gen 4 COB LEDs perform well under demanding conditions, maintaining color and luminous output while providing tunable color.

  • very high operating temperature of 120°C
  • capability to be overdriven at 3x the nominal current
  • The advances in this generation of LED technology enable the extended operating conditions while maintaining color performance over time and temperature with reliability and longevity


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