Power & EMC

Super flat 50 W DC-DC Converter 24Vin -110Vin

Xtra high efficiency: 91.9% @ 110 Vin, 50 W
Xtra wide input voltage range: 14.4 – 154 VDC
Xtra wide temperature range: -50°C – 85°C
Xtra small and light: 98 g
Xtra robust and reliable: Dem. MTBF >11 Mio h

  • Xtra high efficiency
  • Xtra wide input voltage range
  • Xtra wide temperature range
  • Xtra small and light
  • Xtra robust and reliable

Boardnet Converter Platform
IC27X, 50 W Single-Output
24 Vin – 110 Vin

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