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Micro OLED having COG structure with PCB board models

Raystar released two new COG structure OLED with PCB board models, REA012864D-01 version and REA012864D-03 version; these two OLED panels are made of 128×64 pixels, diagonal size 0.96 inch. REA012864D-01 module is built in with SSD1306BZ IC, it supports I2C (default), SPI interface optional, VCC 3V /5V, I/O level 5V to 3V, with conversion circuit, 1/64 duty cycle. The REA012864D-01 model is having PCB outline size 38.0×28.5×2.37 mm with mounting holes on board and 8 metal pins on module.
This 0.96 inch OLED module is suitable for smart control, industrial control for heater, smart home application, medical device, etc. The released emitting colors for WEA012864D-01 is available in white, yellow and blue. This module can be operating at temperatures from -40°C to +80°C; its storage temperatures range from -40°C to +85°C.

  • Model No.:REA012864D-01
  • Module dimension: 38.00 × 28.50 × 2.37 mm
  • Active area:21.74 × 10.86 mm
  • Dot matrix:128 × 64
  • Dot size:0.148 × 0.148 mm
  • Dot pitch: 0.17 × 0.17 mm
  • Display Mode :Passive Matrix
  • Duty:1/64 Duty
  • Display color:White [REA012864DWPP3N00001], Yellow [REA012864DLPP3N00001, Blue [REA012864DBPP3N00001]
  • IC:SSD1306BZ
  • Interface:I2C, Optional SPI
  • Size: 0.96 inch


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