Wireless & Networking

LoRa Technology for Industrial IoT

Macro, Mini and Micro Programmable Gateways and End Nodes for the Internet of Things.

SKU: 10797

Key Product offerings:

  • MultiConnect Conduit Ideal for Indoor Industrial Use  – Programmable Gateway for the Internet of Things (MTCDT Series)
  • MultiConnect Conduit Base Station – Long Range RF Modules (MTDOT Series)
  • AP Access Point for LoRa Technology – IP67 Conduit for Outdoor LoRa® Deployments (MTCDTIP Series)
  • xDot 915 MHz LoRa Module UFL/TRC (Single Pack) – Secure, Long Range RF Modules (MTXDOT Series)
  • mDot 915 MHz XBee LoRa SMA – Gateway Accessory Cards (MTAC Series)


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