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High transmittance EMI Shield Window

Blocking EMI without sacrificing transmittance. Standard size EMI shields for TFT modules and other displays with up to a 50dbm2 cut in emissions and 85% transparency. Apply custom ultra-fine ITO over aluminum patterns with 10um width and 1um thickness for biometric and capacitive sensors.

Noritake’s EMI Shield Window:

  • EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) filtering 45dB at 1M – 1000MHz
  • Optical Transmittance: 85%
  • Customizable blackened mesh design by CAD
  • Aluminum micro-mesh for EMI filtering
  • Blackened mesh for enhanced contrast
  • Material: Aluminum on Soda Lime Glass
  • Created by accurate photo-etching
  • Withstands the most demanding environments
  • Low resistance: 2 – 3 ohms

EMI Shield Window

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