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Graphic-OLED: genious contrast and unmatched viewing angle

Now the worldwide first OLED display with pins is available: EA OLEDL128-6GGA. Pins with pitch 2.54mm provide a much faster and easier design; just put the display directly on a breadboard.
More than this: even in mass production the pins facilitate all mounting needs automatically. There’s no need for any mechanical construction: simply solder the display into a pcb or plug with sockets.

  • 128 x 64 Dots (Relates to 8 x 21 Character or 4 x 16 Large Character)
  • High Contrast OLED Display
  • Integrated Controller SSD 1309
  • SPI Interface: MOSI, CLK, CS, D/C
  • Wide Temperature Range (Top -40°C, +80°C)
  • No Mounting Required: Just put into PCB
  • 3 Versions (With/W.O. Polarisor and Protection Glass) in Various Colors)
  • Fast Response Time, No Afterglow


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