Embedded Computing

Embedded form factors COM Express, Qseven, SMARC, Single Board Computers … and more

The Computer-On-Module concepts provide significant advantages:

  • Simple change of CPU technology, even between different technologies like x86 /ARM
  • Standard modules are attached to customer specific carrier boards to provide the perfect base for individual systems
  • Based on established and maintained open standards
  • Large selection in multiple power, performance and size levels
  • Open standards ensure a wide second source availability


  • Design-In services
  • Signal integrity simulations & measurements (PCIe, SATA, USB …)
  • Compliance measurements
  • Schematic & Layout reviews
  • Debugging & Bring-up support
  • BIOS & UEFI modifications
  • Power & Performance measurement and comparison
  • EMI measurements
  • Cooling solutions & Customizing
  • Driver and OS support
  • MTBF calculation

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