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Display Controller IC Reference Design

Display controller IC reference design compatible with the Arduino Due open source hardware platform. This reference design will support the development of products using small- and medium-sized TFT LCD panels, providing significantly shorter development times and a lower cost evaluation environment. The reference design includes an evaluation board with an integrated S1D13781 LCD controller IC manufactured by Epson and a software library providing simple graphics functions.


  • Simple connection with Arduino Due using SPI
  • Graphics Library for use with Arduino Sketch IDE
  • 40-pin FPC Connector for 480×272 TFT
  • 54-pin FPC Connector for 320×240 TFT
  • LED Backlight Driver included on Shield board
  • 3.3V IO

Integrated Epson S1D13781 LCD Controller with:

  • 384KByte Embedded Memory
  • Multiple Window (Layer) support for Main and PIP
  • Rotation (SwivelView™) 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Alpha Blending, Transparency, Flashing
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