LED & Solid State Lighting

Bridgelux Vero COB LED arrays in multiple configurations

Vero Chip on Board (COB) LED arrays are available in four LES configurations, engineered to enable new degrees of flexibility and reliability over a broad range of electrical currents. The platform delivers high lumen density for exceptional beam control and precision lighting, along with 2 and 3 SDCM color control standard for clean, uniform illumination.

  • Vero 10B- Gen 7
    Vero 10C- Gen 7
    Vero 10D-Gen 7
  • Vero 13B- Gen 7
    Vero 13C- Gen 7
    Vero 13D-Gen 7
  • Vero 18B- Gen 7
    Vero 18C- Gen 7
    Vero 18D-Gen 7
  • Vero 29B- Gen 7
    Vero 29C- Gen 7
    Vero 29D-Gen 7

Vero 10 Gen 7 Array Vero 13 Gen 7 Array Vero 18 Gen 7 Array Vero 29 Gen 7 Array

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