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39.6” Prism Display Module

SC396T31P1 is a 39.6” Prism display with dark blue / white colors. Prism is a flexible sheet and base on E Ink’s Electrophoresis display technology. Both sides of the Prism display a color. The displayed color could be switched between Dark Blue and White. The user could apply the Venus driving board to control it. It supports two color changing effects: waving and flashing. Manufacturers and designers now have the ability to integrate E Ink technology with traditional architectural products to create dynamic walls, ceilings, furniture and habitats.  creates unique architectural experiences

Bridge the gap between static and digital mediums. Transform airport terminals into living exhibits, expand the utility of corporate spaces and increase retail and trade show foot traffic. Prism enables endless experiential designs through a combination of changing colors, patterns and user-defined programs. Prism is rugged and flexible which enables manufacturers and fabricators to cut, shape and integrate with a wide variety of substrates. Its low power consumption reduces or eliminates the need for electrical outlets and enables alternative options such as batteries and photovoltaic cells.

Product Details:

  • Shapes: Customer Defined
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 5″ (130mm)
  • Viewable sides: One or two-sided
  • Laminate Material: PET
  • Switching Voltage: ±15 volts
  • Power Consumption: switch/sec* 2.4 W/m 2
  • Power Consumption: switch/min* 0.04  W/m 1
  • Operating Temperature: 10 to 40 ˚C
  • Storage Temperature: -25 to 70 ˚C
Parameter Specifications Unit
Screen Size 39.6 Inch
Segment 1  Seg
Display colors 7 types
Active Area 450.0 (H) × 900.0(V) mm
Outline Dimension 460.0(H) × 920.0(V) × 2.31(D) mm
Module Weight 300  g
Number of Gray Continuous
Display operating mode Reflective mode g
FPL E Ink Prism

SC396T31P1 39.6” Prism display

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