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Wireless Charging Low Frequency/Low Power/Through Wall/Under the Table

jjPlus low-frequency wireless power transceiver module uses low frequency magnetic resonant technique to achieve
very high efficiency across a wide range of coil to coil distance, which is 2cm to 5cm.
It can provide up to 65W output power with quite compact module sizes. This module enables flexible and efficient power transfer through barriers like low-E window, wood, plastic, and granite. It’s worth noting even through the triple- silver low-E window; the glass only keeps warm while there is up to 65W power transferred to the receiver output.


jjPlus low power magnetic resonant power transceiver module uses high frequency magnetic resonant technique to be able to charge multiple low power devices
simultaneously over a wide power area up to 221 mm2.
Single power source refueling various devices will not only save you from finding the right power cable for each device, but each device can get enough power up to 3W within the whole area. The device coil size is only 4cm x 4cm, which is small enough to be embedded into various application products.


jjPlus through wall wireless power transceiver module uses high frequency magnetic resonant technique to be able to deliver up to 35W output power to the receiver output across 17cm to 22cm distance.
It makes the electrical power able to transfer across the concrete wall without drilling a hole and running cables through it to break the building structure. Lots of outdoor electronic equipment can be powered by this way elegantly, and it’s more flexible in choosing the installation positions.


Most wireless charging products currently available are mostly under Qi standard. To make the charging
unit invisible on the desktop, drilling a hole to hide the unit inside the table may be the only possible solution.

Wireless Charging

  • Low Frequency
  • Low Power
  • Through Wall
  • Under the Table

Low Frequency Low power Through Wall Under the table

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