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Why Do You Need an Industrial Cellular Modem?

Why Do You Need an Industrial Cellular Modem? Think about this: You have devices deployed remotely, with just a serial connection. How would you get data from your devices and keep track of them?

Connect them on your cellular network with InHand’s latest industrial cellular modem, the InDTU. An InDTU is an InHand’s cellular modem designed to make simple connections to serial based equipment over a cellular link. It has a rugged design, small form factor, high reliability and easy-to-use features.

The InDTU cellular modem provides wireless data communication between serial devices in the field and a central location to enable remote monitoring and control of equipment.

It is available in LTE CAT 4, CAT M1, CAT NB1 and EGPRS versions for global use.  Application areas are Utilities, Intelligent Lighting, Metering and Agriculture.

In brief: InDTU helps you to Lower support costs, obtain reporting data, Industrial design, Highly-reliable wireless communication and easy and flexible management.

InDTU324 – Industrial Cellular Modem: 
Metal Housing, Small Form Factor, Reliable Serial to Cellular Communication
(Available with LTE CAT 4, CAT M1, CAT NB1 and EGPRS.)

InDTU332 – Industrial Cellular Modem:
Reliable Serial to Cellular Communication
(Available with LTE CAT M1 and CAT NB1.)

Industrial Design

  • Industrial-grade chip of ultra-low power consumption, adaptable to various power supply modes
  • Wide operating temperature: -40°C~70°C
  • Wide voltage input: 5~35VDC
  • Solid housing, IP30 protection
  • Compact-sized, easy to fit and integrate
  • CE, FCC certified


Highly-reliable Wireless Communications

  • Self-recovery: embedded watchdog, self recover from faults, ensuring normal operation of the device
  • Link redundancy: SMS and GPRS link mutual backup to ensure continuous data transmission
  • Link detection: multi-layer link detection mechanisms including PPP layer heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP Keepalive and application layer heartbeat, keeping wireless connection “always on”

Easy and Flexible to Manage

  • Support configuration software login via local serial port
  • Support RTOOL remote configuration over TCP/IP
  • Support remote batch management via InHand Device Manager cloud
  • Support SMS configuration (InDTU332G models only)


Rich Functions for Intelligent Solutions

  • Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP protocol conversion for industrial SCADA systems and field devices
  • Support IEC101/IEC104 conversion (coming soon)
  • Support transparent TCP/UDP protocol
  • Support InHand DC protocol
  • Support user-defined TCP/UDP hearbeat and login data
  • Support multi-center, 1-5 centers

InDTU324 – Industrial Cellular Modem  InDTU332 – Industrial Cellular Modem

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