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Ultra-Low Power CO₂ sensor with Power Cycling

The CozIR®-Blink CO2 sensor by Gas Sensing Solutions is our lowest power CO2 sensor yet and is the lowest power consumption NDIR CO2 sensor available on the market! This ultra-low-power carbon dioxide sensor enables the user to manage power consumption based on their needs and application.

The Blink Mode, the inspiration behind the product name, allows users to customise how much energy is spent on each measurement, putting you in full control of energy trade-offs for ultra-low power applications. The sensor can be turned on to record a reading, and then powered off completely when not in use. This is not a sleep mode – the sensor uses no power during this stage. It’s world-leading low power consumption also makes it ideal for battery-powered systems, including IoT applications and smart technology as it only requires 3.3 V.



  • Ultra‐low power CO2 sensor
  • 30ppm typical measurement accuracy
  • Solid state NDIR LED optical technology
  • UART or I2C control and data interface
  • Power cycling compatible
  • Built‐in auto‐zeroing

CozIR-Blink Product Flyer CozIR-Blink Datasheet

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