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The eRIC-SIGFOX-USB dongle is fully USB compatible, offering customers a simple, ready-to-use and flexible Sigfox modem for enabling any USB host device with Sigfox communications.

  • USB A type connector
  • eRIC-SIGFOX, Sigfox modem
  • AT command control
  • SMA Antenna connector
  • Sigfox EU 868MHz operation
  • Compact form factor, 59mm x 31mm x 3mm

eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller) SMD modules are currenty available in 3 variants: the eRIC4 RF module for European 433/4MHz licence-exempt ISM band; and the eRIC9 dual-band RF module for European 868MHz and USA 902-928MHz licence-exempt ISM bands and the eRIC-SIGFOX, Sigfox 868MHz RF module.


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