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Mobile GPS/GlONASS Antenna with LNA

The DS-28 is a compact & Sensitive GPS/GlONASS antenna with ESD Circuit Protection for Mobile Applications. It is the most compact GPS/Glonass antenna available on the current market. Its state-of-the-art technology allows for miniature without. With good coverage almost all the way to the horizon, it performs excellently in foliage or urban canyon environment — even in the presence of electromagnetic interference! Featuring diminutive and rugged enclosure and unparalleled performance, DS-28 is compatible with almost every GPS/Glonass receiver model on the markets and provides an excellent alternative for a vast range of GPS/Glonass applications including AVL, Vehicle Navigation, Aviation, and Military.


  • ESD circuit protection
  • Diminutive & rugged construction allows for military and other applications demanding high degree of confidentiality.
  • Compact Construction/ Low Profile/ Low Noise Figure
  • Magnet Mount Base
  • Ideal for PDA, HPC, and other computing devices in GPS/Glonass applications.
  • Water Resistance

DS-28 mobile antenna datasheet

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